General Knowledge

10 Bloody Facts About The Mamluks

It is rare to find an everyday person, even a university-educated one, who has heard of the Mamluks. Sometimes spelled as “Mameluke,” the Mamluks were slave soldiers who rebelled against their rulers to establish their […]


10 Fascinating Culinary Habits From Prehistory

Food is one of the most mysterious aspects of prehistoric life. Stones and skeletons preserve well, but ancient leftovers quickly disintegrate into nothing. So scientists have to get crafty (and a little lucky) to uncover […]

General Knowledge

10 Explosive Substances In Everyday Items

Explosive substances are all around us, contained within several common household items related to cleaning, polishing, and medicine. Usually, explosive chemicals are used in small, relatively safe doses. However, bigger doses of these chemicals can […]


10 Creepy Facts About Cadavers

Dead human bodies are something that strike us all to the very core the moment we see them. They creep us out and make us wonder and stare in awe at the futility, shortness, and […]


10 Twisted Facts About Necrophilia

Doing the deed with the dead (aka necrophilia) is the ultimate taboo in our society, perhaps besides pedophilia and incest. In fact, necrophilia is a paraphilia so taboo that it’s both fascinating and absolutely horrifying. […]